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Lucid pix

Loaded packs help you create and distribute 3D popups already!

Take 3D photos, add 3D frameworks, shape your regular photos, and share your creations on social media or directly with friends. No special glasses or 3D screens needed, our modern deep 3D smart system works on any smartphone. Download Lucid Pack for free today and today to test 3D imaging!

Clean up the package with features:

Real-time grip 3D photos and 3D selfies on any device

With a ton of extras added this week, an impressive array of fun 3D frames to add your photos to

Enhance your 2D photos with AI depth to create 3D photos with just one click

3D Easily share your 3D creations on Facebook, Instagram and more

And take 3D snapshots from Facebook on any device

Smart and easy to use 3D images do not require special skills

Create video clips and GIFs to share anywhere with 3D photos and frames.

Virtual Grip Virtual Reality Content to Use With Your Favorite VR Headset


  • As the app progresses, more features are added weekly


If you have no experience with text animation, this is the app for you. It contains dynamic text templates, dynamic layout and more.

Many Pixel Flow animation and text backdrops are created exclusively for this app and can be customized to suit your needs.

Pixel flow can create complex animations as well as a dynamic background of text effects. Home design is consistent with 2D animation and text animation principles in order to understand the impact of pixel text.

This app also has a unique background type called Animated Background. This type of background can be adjusted for the color palette you choose. All animated backgrounds are abstract posters, perfect for 2D text animation.


With this app, you can create flawless text animations for your computer class.


* Status bar and associated background *

– * Properties *

– Easily add the status stick style and customize your phone

– change the status bar

– Remove the camera compartment

– Define more the look of the starus bar – gradient colors, style, colors, colors, gifs, photos

– * permission *


Add the style and look of the frame to the background of your phone’s status bar



Take a photo from the gallery and select the product in the gallery


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