Access Dots – iOS 14 cam/mic access indicators! Apk

Did you know that once third-party Apple is given access to a phone camera or microphone, they can use it in the background?

And do you feel the new iOS 14 Privacy B feature – showing a signal when you have access to your camera or microphone?

Provides full support for Android 7.0 with Android Access Dots!

Access to Dots, when a third-party app uses a phone camera or microphone, you’ll find the same iOS 14 style indicator in the top-left corner of the screen (some are as bright as a pixel). To add. Access points will also appear on the lock screen!

Configuring the operation is as easy as enabling access services at the access point (Toggle in Apple >> Other) Download Installed Services / Services> Access >> Enabled). By default, the app is configured to display iOS 14 color APS – green for camera access, and orange for microphone access. The app itself does not require access to the camera or microphone.

The access point is in beta, in the early stages of development, so far it has the following features:

Show point whenever the phone’s camera / microphone is connected via a third-party app.
Access Keep a juice log that can be accessed from the app’s main settings screen. The log appears when the camera / microphone is accessed, before access to the application begins, and how long the access lasts.
Adjust access points for each color.
In Android 10+, access virtual stick access points near

camera slots (if they are on your device).
The size of the access point can be modified.



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