Adblocker Browser – Adblock & Popup Blocker Apk

Adblock for Android helps prevent ads while watching movies, reading the news or playing games on the Internet.
Blocks ads in movies, ads, and windows, advertisers track your behavior, and use the built-in ad blocker to save battery and data.

Adblock & Popup Blocker Apk


Block all annoying ads
We have developed advanced, fully integrated blockchain technology that allows users to block any type of advertising: banners, pop-ups, video ads.

Avoid malware, viruses, phishing and other scams
Sometimes advertising can contain malware. If you have malware or annoying advertising tools, please provide a secure browser.

Adblocker Browser – Adblock & Popup Blocker Apk

Tracker block tracker
Websites can install up to 100 separate monitors to view devices. Most web users don’t see this. We help prevent viewers from searching the Internet.

Protect your privacy
91% of adults agree that consumers have lost track of how companies collect and use personal information. We block third-party ad cookies to give you a personalized search experience.

Running enclopedic ycl can help you clear your entire browsing history without targeting anyone on the Internet.

Save mobile data
Ad content requires downloading information, which means there are additional costs for mobile traffic. More than half of all news sites’ information comes from advertising. We block ads to protect your mobile data.




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