Aloha Browser Turbo Best Apk

Alho Browser is a fast, free and complete web based web browser that provides maximum privacy and security.

Aloha Browser Turbo Best Apk

Unlimited Unlimited VPN: Take your online freedom and security to the next level.
Ad Block Block Block: Browse in an ad-free environment
IV Privacy Protection and Tracking: We will never engage in any of your activities and will never share them with anyone, because none of them exist. We do not allow others to follow you when searching.
Fourth Personal Tab: Lock private tabs with fingerprints or passcodes and keep them private.
IV Privacy Portfolio: Keep your files confidential and secure
Download Manager: Save and view videos, music and other files.
RVR Player: Enjoy VR videos directly from the browser
C Security: Secure high-speed VPN connection on demand

Aloha Browser Turbo Best Apk

Free VPN
Free VPN service is available anywhere in the world with just one click. Tap the icon to turn VPN on or off. Premium VPN is available to choose from in different countries.

Personal folder
Save your personal files to a hidden folder with passcodes and / or fingerprints.

Wi-Fi file sharing
Easily transfer files between your device and computer via Wi-Fi. It’s like storing personal cloud on your phone

VR player
You can watch 360 videos and VR (card board). Download the video to get the best experience or watch it online from your browser.

Download Manager
Elho Browser has a powerful download manager. While watching online you can download videos directly from the media player or download music, videos and files while on the desktop.




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