Amazon Shopping – Search, Find, Ship, and Save Apk

Amazon Shopping – Search, Find, Ship, and Save

Consumers can buy millions of products from one app on any Amazon site in the world
* Use Alexa to find products on Amazon, track your orders, and reset your favorites. Tap the microphone and ask, “Where are my items?” To access open orders, replace the product with “Reset paper towel” or “Pull out more batteries”.
* Use one-click order, customer support, wish list, child or marriage registration, order search, order tracking and more.

Amazon Shopping – Search, Find, Ship, and Save Apk

* Scan product barcodes and photos to compare prices and check availability using
* View Gold Box Trading – Automatic alerts for daily trades and electricity and new trades
* Send and share product links via email, messaging, Facebook, Twitter and more
To find out the automatic receipts, register the invoice to know when your order has been sent and when it has arrived.
* Buy with determination, knowing that all transactions are done with confidence

Amazon Shopping – Search, Find, Ship, and Save Apk

Product Description

Buying Amazon lets you buy millions of products and manage your Amazon requests everywhere. Compare categories, stores, prices, read reviews, share your products with your friends and see the status of your recommendations.

Compare prices and availability by typing in your search, scanning with a barcode or camcorder, or using your voice. For easy access to rankings and easy trades, don’t forget any trades. You can subscribe to the Invoice Invoice to find out when your order was placed and when it arrived. Subscribe to your shopping cart, global listing, payment and early shipping options, subscribe and save your order history, and complete Amazon. To get the most out of one-click settings, all of Amazon’s shopping apps are hosted on trusted Amazon servers to encrypt and store your personal information.

Amazon Shopping – Search, Find, Ship, and Save Apk

The important thing about permission
Please note that the following services are required to properly manage the Amazon Shopping Program.
* Contacts: Amazon invites you to send a gift card to your contacts or install Apple Apple.
* Camera: Allows Amazon to access the camera on the device. You can use your camera to find a product by scanning the cover or bar code, adding gift cards and credit cards, or adding pictures to product reviews.

* Flashlight: Allows the program to run the flashlight. You can use the flashlight to find products with the camera, even in low light or in the dark.
* Microphone: Allows Amazon to access your own microphone to track your partner and use your voice in conversation.
Location: Amazon allows you to access your offer to help you find local offers and quickly select a quick address.

* Account: Allows you to share your products with your friends and family on Amazon via Facebook or other social networks.
* Phone: Allows Amazon to enter the Amazon Customer Service number on its phone keyboard.
* Note: Amazon allows you to save your options so that special features can be loaded on your device and run faster.
* Wi-Fi: These permissions are used when setting up a dashboard or bar code using the Amazon Shopping app.

Required operating system: Android 5.0 or higher and rear camera required. The Amazon Tablet app is available on Google Play. Check out the Amazon Tablet to install and purchase the app.





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