Apk Download – Apk Installer New Apk

To download the app from your Android smartphone, download the app download tool, app installer and app.

Apk Download – Apk Installer New Apk

With one click you can save and download the application without having to publish the internet share in the APK and backup it yourself or easily share it with friends.

This app is very useful when your friends cannot buy your app from the Play Store or they cannot buy from the Play Store and share it with your friends like Epic.

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1. Back up the SD card / internal memory of your application then create it as a backup installer and install it without internet connection.
2 Share applications easily with friends from your device.
3. Access to settings for each request.
Discover the app with 4 easy searches.
5 View, update and rate every app available on Google Play.
6. Delete the application without opening the application settings.
7. The screen is clean, simple and responsive.

Enjoy the benefits with the Get It app.


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