App lock – Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password Apk

Annoying parents, improve your ability to raise your phone and pick up your phone.

App lock – Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password Apk

Email picture with the wrong password, template, or image to send email with your finger.

You can install all devices with fingerprint lock, fingerprint devices, and Marshmallow Android version that use the settings to test and activate and use a pin or patent to do so.

App lock – Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password Apk

* System applications, social applications, best applications, applications and applications.
Administration support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.
* Open with pin, pattern or fingerprint.
Self-defense of spam attackers. The original application locks the lock pin, pattern or fingerprint that people enter.
Immediately send a moving and nervous image to your chosen email address
Fake Shooting Application Lock This allows you to open a lock program from a single disk in the Force Lock dialog box.
مع Support for sound and vibration effects.
Do not select the force stop support used by other users.
* No need to carefully remove the pin or pattern, proper fingerprints can be provided.
Color certificates are common and can be used for system applications.

App lock – Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password Apk

Tired of typing passwords and using templates whenever you’re open? Developer Apple Lock fingerprint links are easily provided. Take advantage of the sun’s beautiful design and beautiful features using other app designs. Don’t just put your finger on the personal and social apps that open. Hackers are trying to improve themselves in the world, and brand access will protect you.

It cannot provide your fingerprint suggestions. Unauthorized access, privacy protection and hygiene. As well as controlling the installation / deletion of applications. Pin / pattern or fingerprint does not move. Turn it on from Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I lock my apps or games?
A: Yes, what software and game should you install on your device?

Question: How heavy will the application be?
A: It’s easy, download and lock your pin or pattern to set. The fingerprint you have registered and the fingerprint will be used on your phone automatically. Could not manually create.

Q: How much does it cost to delete Apple from others?
A: Please, if not everyone can see your password and you do not know, “enable break option” in app settings. You can improve your time over time.




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