Audio Recorder and Editor Apk

Advanced Audio Recorder (also known as Voice Recorder and Editor) records and edits high quality audio files. This is the only recorder on Android that allows you to repeat while recording.

Audio Recorder and Editor Apk

It allows you to connect, organize, convert audio files, merge two audio files, increase or decrease the amount of recording, add echoes, and make adjustments and speed adjustments.

You can easily change your voice, render the sound and save it in files.

Main Features:

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1. Record high quality audio file in wave / pcm / wav b format and record aac / m4a b.

Audio Recorder and Editor Apk

2. Stop and wave / pm / wow b.


1. Trim the audio recording

2. Convert the recorded audio file to PCM / Wave and AAC / M4AB.

3. Add your voicemail

4. Set customization / speed / speed / pattern from your record

5. Combine multiple VAG / IC records

Record two audio recordings, or merge the recording with the default background music.

7. Increase or decrease the size of words

8. Enter your registration


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