Battery Guru | best battery Apk

The Terry Battery Guru helps you improve battery health and efficiency and prolongs battery life by 200%.

Battery Guru | best battery Apk

It is designed to keep the battery in good condition and provide a healthy life.

The battery guru has four parts:

– Dedicated section on battery statistics, charge / discharge ratio and total charge / discharge time.
This section provides information about when your device will wake up and fall asleep.

. Boys
– In the protection section, you can set the battery temperature and alert for the charging area. As we all know, these two unwanted factors take away our batteries. Use the proposed protection to extend battery life and keep it in good condition.

. Health
– The health department has helpful tips to better describe our loved one’s battery and make it “easy to read”.

– The save section has Safe Mode, two of which are already managed and unchanged, one of which is customized. Manual mode automatically reads the current state of the device.

💤 Dossier
– Set up more battery in your phone. Let the device run faster, which means the power will be less when the screen is off.

This section includes other options such as: pull-out (prioritize default behavior to be as aggressive as possible and reduce power consumption), and a pre-loaded forum setup to extend battery life with a boring battery guru. This will allow maximization.


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