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If you are one of those people who always ask for WiFi password when moving to bar, restaurant, hotel or friends, WiFi Map Pro is the app you need to use on your device. Never install or remove it. With this, you can connect to the internet everywhere, thanks to the participating social networks.

This app grows daily thanks to the activity of thousands of users, including passwords for existing places. In this way, any network, public or private, can appear on Wi-Fi Map Pro. In addition to the password, users often lose instructions on how to install a network or connect to a server.

You can get WiFi password database for cities around the world. It is very useful when traveling abroad and you do not want to pay for the additional data. Wherever you are, you can add a bookmark to any public website, network, or password. You can update what is already in the app.

With access points in cities around the world, Wi-Fi Maps Pro is an easy-to-use tool that you can use to connect to the Internet. In gop-based cities, you can barely connect without the need for a network.
Five original apps for your trips
Next Tuesday, September 27th is International Tourism Day. At this point, we certainly have not considered the benefits of using your phone when traveling, defending, or getting flags in a new city. In the spirit of the clock, we have compiled some Android Travel apps, which are slightly different from the regular ones, but different from the practical ones.



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