Best Pashto Keyboard | Rockey Keyboard Apk

Welcome to download Rocky. This is the best app for WA users, with a mix of all the beneficial details of WA like the transparent background to match the ceiling background,

Best Pashto Keyboard | Rockey Keyboard Apk

over 500 free stickers to access the WA picture and video, and the best 3D live wallpaper to watch when tilting your phone. Gives an effect.
With these four major B features, the daily WA experience will become simpler and more colorful:

This keyboard has wallpaper function to allow full screen size for chat background, which is suitable for your eyes.
3D Live Wallpaper is the latest visual upgrade, you can have a lot of fun while chatting. Supports movement from all directions

Best Pashto Keyboard | Rockey Keyboard

We will constantly update sticker packs for your WA, you can DII your own sticker with your photo or GIF.

It currently supports the following languages:
English, Esperanto, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesian

We offer other B features dedicated to customizing Android keyboard like changing keyboard layout, tracking word predictions, emoji prediction, exit debugging and spelling errors.

. We do not collect personal information from any user.


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