Block Apps Apk Download

Close programs at certain times of the week.
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Limit program usage. Determine maximum daily use for each program, customized for each day of the week.
Receive weekly usage reports. See where your time goes and use it to control your phone usage.
Hard Shelf Block: Once the application block is activated, it cannot be closed.

Grow your product, stay focused and make your digital better!

Block Apps Apk Download

Block Apps Apk Download

Block is an easy-to-use Android application that restricts or limits the use of your application and improves your control over how you spend your time on the phone. If you need to focus on your training, you do not want to interrupt your work, you cannot sleep at night, or you want to be more social, this program can help you.

The OC occasionally stops
Select a group program and create a custom program to automatically close these programs. The program is fully customizable and allows you to schedule different times of the week at different times, allowing you to create productive habits that prevent active programs from stopping.

Block Apps Apk Download

Block Apps Apk Download

General Chat Chat Lounge You can temporarily activate your specific blocks. This is great when you start a class or want to sleep. It is often combined with the Pomodoro timer to increase productivity.


Recommends using the EW app
You can analyze your phone usage over a two year period. Find out where you want to spend your time and take steps to improve your digital health.

Set daily usage restrictions
Spending time on social media, or watching lots of YouTube movies? You can set a daily use limit for each program. When you arrive, the program will be closed during the day. The ranges are adjusted for each week.

Block Apps Apk Download

Block Apps Apk Download

For example, limit Reddit to 20 minutes a week, allowing only 30 minutes a day on a weekday, or block Facebook by blocking the WhatsApp after hours of non-Facebook interaction.

Receive weekly usage reports
At the beginning of each week, you will see an overview of your application last week. A careful analysis of the week you spend your week allows you to limit your plans.

You will be able to get more standard time and reduce the extra cost of your phone, which will improve the digital diet.

Exact implementation restrictions
By default, restarting the phone is the only option for accessing the blocked app. If it’s too easy, you can disable it in the app’s settings, so your apps will be blocked after launch. This program uses the device administrator’s permission.

Permissions can be enabled in the unified application settings (to prevent or remove a program, since there is no way to restrict it). Finally, this program is suitable for you.

In addition, you can place widgets on the home screen, allowing you to launch a one-click block. Tasker support for setting automatic blocks at all times.


No personal information or data is collected using the program. All the information is left on your phone.


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