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The most technologically advanced call recorder. The phone rings and VoIP. Supports call log for most versions of Android devices. If you have tried to record calls with other call recording software and have not found satisfactory results, try the Xing Record Cube ACR, it works best.

Call recording Cube ACR lets you easily record incoming and outgoing phone and VoIP calls.

Central part? It’s free!

Cube Call Recorder supports:
The phone rang
– Skype 7, Skype R Lite A.
It was slow
– Sleep
– Meetings
– Facebook
– WeChat
– Coco
– Line
– Tel
– Telegram

Call Recorder | Call Recorder New Apk Download

This app uses available services.

A bonus subscription can only receive additional restrictions. This call will not improve your recording experience. Please make sure that you have a basic version before purchasing.
– Not all devices support VoIP phone registration. Below you will find a list of test devices that support VoIP phone records. However, we recommend that you test your device properly.

Clean up the sound quality!
Record the best possible quality for your calls and calls.

Easy to use!
– Record every call automatically. Make a note at the beginning of each word;
– Save selected contacts automatically. List the people you always want to record.
Exit the list. Create a contact list that will not be saved automatically.
– Call Record to record handwritten calls or select only selected segments;
– In-app Cube RCR is a created file controller that can play, play, delete or export your notes to other notes or devices.
– Change smart headphones. Bring your earphones to your phone, especially for listening and reading from your listener.
– Identification and filtering of key sounds for critical access to specific notes;
– Tap a call and open the application directly.

Call Recorder | Call Recorder New Apk Download

Custom B:
★ Cloud backup. Keep your phone notes in Google Drive and back up if something goes wrong.
★ A PIN lock prevents your note and eyes and ears from leaving.
Other audio formats for audio. Record calls in MP3 format and change their values.
Save the Common Chat Room to the SD Card Send your notes to the SD card and use them as a safe place.
Shake your phone when recording a phone to identify the most important parts of your basic spring conversation.
* Smart Storage Management will automatically delete old (unmarked) phones and skip short calls.
Post-call operations. Once you’ve closed a contact, save it, share it, or delete it now.

We are working on tables
Although your device does not support mobile phones, you can use Cube Calls to record Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other VoIP conversations.

If this does not work on your device or you just play the game, try to change the recording source in settings or use automatic speaker mode.

Legal notice
Telephone call law varies from country to country. Please make sure you do not violate the laws and colonies of your country. Always be aware that when you make a call or call, note that you are speaking and asking permission.



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