Cameraless – Camera Blocker Apk Download

Camera Tools is a camera lock that is used to disable all cameras on your mobile phone and provides complete protection:
Spyware, predators and various malware
Take secure photos / videos in a safe place.

Cameraless – Camera Blocker Apk 

Basic features
This allows the camera to be permanently approved for applications
Turn off the camera during the day
Password protection
Lang multilingual collaboration
Special design with maximum protection for classified classified workplace
Auto camera block by time / location
Camera One-Click Lock / Unlock Tool (PRO)
Task / Automation Integration (PRO)

Product Description
Use the camera without knowing it. It is very easy to spy, launder or persecute.
Cameraless is an ideal anti-lock camera app.
There are two main functions:
1. Turn the camera on / off manually.
2. Turn the camera on / off automatically depending on the day or location.
Supported versions: 4.0 and above (ICS, OV)

The camera is also effective for those who work in a safe environment. Just once: Mark your workspace and keep the camera on when you automatically turn it off. You can password protect your settings so that the app always works and your device is permanently protected while you work. Also, a special notification allows you to check the camera status of your device

Note: The security level is maximized when the application is password protected. Your device does not receive a cell phone, or the camera does not turn off when it is in airplane mode.

Don’t miss the PRO feature even with a one-click camera to activate the camera with shortcuts and shortcut tools, even when it’s locked.




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