Charging Theft Alarm Apk Download

Are you afraid your phone will be stolen while charging a hot pot?

It didn’t take long

Only activate charger theft when the phone is connected to a charger. As soon as the phone is switched off, the sound of a phone theft will be loud.

Charging Theft Alarm Apk Download

When connecting the phone to the charger, enter a descriptive password to disable the alarm.

It works great as an anti-theft program.

– Alarm when connected to the phone.
Ask a password to disable the alert
– When the alarm sounds, the sound automatically goes up.
– Turn off the volume settings – Down until you enter the registry.

Charging Theft Alarm Apk Download

– Other add-ons are disabled that do not easily block pass code.
– The welded headset automatically uses telephone speakers.

– If an alarm is created while making a phone call, the notification button allows easy access.

Charging Theft Alarm Apk Download

1 Due to the limitations of the Android operating system, audio settings work when the screen is locked.
After 2 notes, the automatic memory feature will be removed. I apologize if I really liked it.

If you want this feature – send me an email and I’ll send you the old APA.





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