Clock – The Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker Apk

Clock Vault (Lock Photo Video Locker) is the best privacy protection program that allows you to keep secure and hide photos, videos and any other files that others on your device do not want to see easily.

Clock – The Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker Apk

This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any media file, including passwords.
You can easily manage gallery folders or albums, view photos, navigate and export them.


Hide Photos Photos: Easily hide photos from your gallery with a personal photo lock on our shelves.

Hide videos: Use our private video lock to easily hide your media from your gallery.

Clock – The Vault : Secret Photo Video Locker

Powerful App Lock: Lock Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email or any other application of your choice. You can lock Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the latest functions.

Fingerprint Protection: You can use your fingerprint to unlock the hidden watch and upload fingerprints securely.

Hide / Replace Icon: Replace the clock icon with other images like the Vault Calculator to hide the vault calculator so

Intervention Warning: Send snapshots and emails to the person behind you trying to open applications. You can view and save photos entered in the Gallery Vault.

# Fake Password (Deco Lock): Supports fake locker system and displays fake content to protect real gallery lock when entering fake password.

Personal Browser (Unknown Browser): A dedicated web browser for uploading and locking photos, videos and audio over the Internet and leaving a mark on your system.






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