CPU Monitor – temperature, usage, performance apk

Extremely beautiful and powerful CPU screen for Android! You can observe CPU temperature and frequency in real time, analyze tree frequency and CPU temperature data.

CPU Monitor – temperature, usage,

A variety of tools are provided on the CPU screen. Includes: Top Boost, RAM Equipment, CPU Device, Battery Device, Desktop Design Window, Status Bar Window, Overheating Alarm. You can easily monitor RAM, CPU and battery data. Detailed features including:

CPU monitor
Support for real-time CPU temperature and frequency monitoring, CPU temperature analysis and information on frequency logs, support for multi-core CPU monitoring.

CPU Monitor – temperature, usage, performance

Instrument information
View detailed information about the device, including CPU information, system information, hardware information, and screen information.

One with one click
By shortening it you can easily raise the RAM to create top shortcuts.

Heat alarm on heat
The CPU screen is endangered when the CPU or battery overheats and you can turn the overheat alarm on or off at will.
It’s swimming
Lambo Windows displays real-time CPU temperature, battery temperature and RAM usage: Status bar Angel window and Desktop sync window.

ID widget
Supports RAM widget, CPU widget and battery widget

Multi theme
The CPU screen is great and supports multi-theme switching, you can choose the theme you want.

If you like the CPU screen, you can upgrade to the Pro version Powerful System Monitor: CPU Monitor, Storage Cleaner, RAM Bester, Battery Monitor, Battery Saver, everything!





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