Delete all duplicate contacts for mobile apk download

Automatically detect and remove duplicates with the same name and number.

Delete duplicate contacts is an app that helps you to delete, discover, and delete duplicate contacts automatically on your phone.

Delete all duplicate contacts for mobile apk download

Whenever we buy a new phone or move from one social media account to another, we all face problems because all the social media is in sync. This function keeps all of your contacts in the social cloud, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc.

Back up your contacts and copy the contact for future reference. It can be saved in .vcf and. csv and. text Additionally, this backup file can be shared via email.

Delete all duplicate contacts for mobile app

You can back up your contacts from a SIM card, phone memory, Google or any other social media account connected to your phone.

In this case, when you switch to a new phone or a new account, this social media removes all of your contacts one by one. As a result, the same number can be four or five times, which makes it difficult to delete one by one.

Discover duplicate contact integration, automatically search for these even numbers and let them save just one copy of your number.

Duplicate Contact Deletion is a useful app for troubleshooting fake contact errors and improving their integrity.
We make contacts a top priority, so we saved deleted duplicate contacts in .vcf file for later retrieval.

Helps identify, delete and restore deleted connections.

It has many features.

– Duplicate contact detector: Delete your contacts and search for a pair of contacts.
– Copy of deleted contacts: remove the detected document pair and keep only one copy for each number.
– Check out contacts: you can recover your contacts. The file is stored in a folder that you can re-add to recover deleted connections. Deleted contacts are stored in a VCF file on the SD card.
Allow the removal of individual or multiple connections.
Back up all your contacts in CSV, TEXT and VCF formats
– Import and export all your contacts to different phones
– Transfer all your contacts to a different account



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