Easy Urdu Keyboard 2020 – اردو – Urdu on Photos Apk

You can now customize Urdu images and texts.
Urdu text from Urdu speech. Also translate the English text from Urdu speech.

Easy Urdu Keyboard 2020 – اردو – Urdu on Photos Apk

Now you can easily write Urdu in any application. And yes, it is very popular. Just type using the specified keyboard. The keyboard also has two so you can write in English without changing the keyboard.

Now you can write, there is nothing in the army. It is very simple. Just type it from the keyboard.

Type Roman English keyboard for free and appropriate Urdu points will be displayed automatically.

Simply write in Roman Urdu and they themselves will become Nasta’liq Urdu phrases.

Urdu ption chchik urdu system. (A.D.)
ډ Language Board
Present the next point
Say the next thing for yourself
Most of the work currently. (Requires less internet)
Requires less than an internet connection
The army showed as you write.
Check out Army Square and type
Keyboard The ability to disable the keyboard
* Apply the palette whenever you want
English keyboard with vocabulary and corrections.
English including English Board Operations and Corrections
Added E EMOJI keyboard
And emoji keyboard
For easy payment option for Pakistan
* Easy money selection for Pakistan
Send Islamic SMS, greetings and quotes using B for instant messaging
Instant messengers can send short messages, congratulatory messages, and Islamic messages.
Get advice on army points when writing an army.
Read the latest army news and updates with Urdu News b features. Now national, international and sports news is just a click away.

Easy Army is completely free. It can be bought and deleted by advertisers

It allows you to make calls in the army.
Send SMS text messages in Urdu language
A Facebook post on Facebook Army.
Google search in Urdu language
Send Urdu messages to your phone via WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Line, Viber or any other app by installing WhatsApp.
Send army emails.





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