Gangster City- Open World Shooting Game 3D apk

This city is full of crime! Gulchaks are everywhere, and the locals no longer feel safe around them! Now it is up to the police officer to stop this heinous crime.

Gangster City- Open World Shooting Game 3D apk

Embark on a mission as a hero in the 3D Open World. Build your identity as a city. You will revolt against countless armies large and small and destroy each of you with a pistol. Fortunately, you can drive any vehicle. Arrive by taxi or tank. Collect as much cash and tons of cool weapons as you can when you see all the successful criminals who own the Collect You see the mysterious squares as you fight to finish your mission. These range from bundles of dollar notes to powerful pistols and bullets. If you take several pills and your health deteriorates, get some relief from the pain.

They will heal you and get you back to work. You can use all of this cash to buy cool weapons and equipment. Use can increase firepower with a machine gun or solder. Attack your enemies from the sky with a jetpack, or invest in a happy rabbit leg. But you will need the luck that you can get in this 3D shooting game.

Take part in a lot of action-packed missions in an endless mission to defeat Bigg Boss and his real genres in Gangster City

The pieces
* More than 30 great and long lasting missions.
* You can steal any car of your choice.
* Multiple weapons
* Explosive material
Achievements *
* Store with good B features like Goddard, Golden Gun and Jet Pack.
* Lots of explosions!

Take revenge on the mafias in your city. You will shoot it with a rifle!


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