Google Lens – Google Lens Apk Download

With Google Lenses, you can take a striking look, organize your business faster, and learn about the world around you.

Scan and translate text
Save the things you see, save your business card in your contacts, add events from a poster to your calendar, and copy complex symbols or long paragraphs to your phone to save time.

Personal programs and animals
Learn about the shape of this plant in your friend’s apartment or any other dog you see in the garden.

Google Lens – Google Lens Apk Download

You must define future destinations
Get to know and learn about different places, restaurants and shops. Ratings, times, historical facts and more. Look

You definitely do not own it
Is there a wearable that catches your attention? Or the best chair in your room? Find clothes, furniture and home décor for your favorite home.

Google Lens – Google Lens Apk Download

Learn how to order
Check out the popular font in the restaurant menu based on reviews on Google Maps.

Scan codes
Scan QR codes and barcodes instantly.

* Limited availability and not available in all languages ​​and regions. See for more information. Some lens features require an internet connection.



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