Green Screen (Early Access) Apk Download

Remove the background with the help of the latest technology! Choose any image or video and search for objects and backgrounds yourself – and not just for background removal, but for many other cool effects.

Green Screen (Early Access) Apk Download

The application is based on cinematic image distribution and the concept of searching for objects and borders in images. The Google Search Diploma is a modern educational network for cement picture cutting. And now with Green Screen, this advanced technology is available as an easy-to-use app for everyday use. Only allow the AI ​​to define an effect to identify and apply objects in the image. The Greatest Power of Artificial Intelligence!

Sensitivity to artificial intelligence detection
You can apply it to an effect detection item or anything else. There are 3 different levels of object detection sensitivity:

1) Only people: Focus on people precisely.

2) People and Vehicles (default): People discover planes, bicycles, boats, buses, cars, motorcycles, and trains. This position is useful for maintaining confidentiality (such as license plates, etc.) while checking all items that may contain sensitive privacy information.

3) All items: discovery except for people and vehicles: chickens, bottles, cats, chairs, cows, food, dogs, horses, luggage, sheep, sofas, trains, televisions.

You can apply effects to detected objects or backgrounds: AI display, sepia, tile, green screen (hide or green background), red effect (remove background – transparency link on PNG, background change header)

Video support
Exit Frame Rate Control. Lowering the audio frame rate has no effect. You can trim the source video to only process portions of the footage.

Video sharing in the background
It has a fully automatic green screen and replaces the background with the best video! It works for both photos and videos. If you change background of photo with video, you will get export video from photo with sound from background video.

Image from video effects
You can convert your photo into a short video with looping and streaming animation.







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