HauSafe Security Camera: Features and Benefits

Easy Installation and Use

The HauSafe Security Camera’s unique design allows for a seamless installation process that can be managed by anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. Simply screw the camera into any standard lamp socket and pair it with your smartphone to start monitoring your home.

Comprehensive Surveillance

Equipped with a 360-degree viewing angle, the HauSafe Security Camera can monitor an entire room, providing you with comprehensive coverage. This feature ensures that no corner of your home goes unnoticed, giving you peace of mind.

Night Vision Capability

HauSafe’s night vision feature allows you to keep an eye on your home even in the dark. This feature is especially useful for monitoring your property during the night or in poorly lit areas.

Built-in Alarm System

In addition to video surveillance, HauSafe also functions as an alarm system. If the camera detects motion, it will send a real-time alert to your paired smartphone, enabling you to take immediate action.

Wireless Functionality

The HauSafe Security Camera does not require any cables or batteries, making it a wireless solution that is both convenient and efficient. This feature also eliminates the need for frequent maintenance, such as battery replacement.

Super Bright LED Light

Doubling as a standard LED light, the HauSafe Security Camera discreetly blends into your home’s interior. This feature makes it difficult for potential intruders to identify it as a security camera.

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