Hide Screen (Sneak a cellphone) Apk Download

Hide the screen from the other
Hide screen
Double tap to turn the screen on and off
The effect of a mobile phone
Screen saver
The third eye

Hide Screen (Sneak a cellphone) 

Hiding the screen is a simple and easy tool

1. Hide screen (screen lock)
2. Save the battery
3. Double tap

When you need “hide screen” or “screen protection”,
Like playing autoplay or loading the screen.

Helps you work without turning on the screen.
Hide the screen when shooting a video or playing a game.

Hiding the screen from others is an application that allows you to double-tap the screen.

Hide Screen (Sneak a cellphone) Apk Download

Hide screen
Privacy screen
Mobile privacy screen
Privacy Screen Saver
Privacy screen for Android
Screen privacy
Screen block
Screen saver
Removable screen
Phone privacy screen
Black screen

+ Double tap the screen
+ Only twice for home screen and lock screen case screen saver

Hide the screen from scratching with a parent. ScreenGuard protects your privacy by applying screen filters that make screen reading more expensive when reading, reading or using a browser.

Keep the battery in addition to the privacy screen.

* Cover your screen with a black cover to protect your privacy
* Desirable for maximum performance and battery life

Hiding screens from others is a free app. Organize and enjoy!
If you want the app is 5 star ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ or no rating. They are appreciated for me. Thank you very much


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