How did the UAE became a country? | History of UAE

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was undoubtedly the great leader of the United Arab Emirates. But there are some things in his life that he has never made public.

How did the UAE became a country? | History of UAE

Why did he rebel against his brother? Why did you beat him? The answer lies in the dusty pages of history and then we will know how the great leader was born. Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan al-Nahyan swore to the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Shahadat ibn Sultan al-Nahyan, on 26-26626 that he and his three younger brothers would not rebel against his brother.

You do not say they will not side with the enemy and will not be loyal in all circumstances. Earlier, Sheikh Zayed’s mother prevented his eldest son from ruling Abu Dhabi.

But time brought this mother to a place where she was forced to sacrifice one of her four children for her country and her country. The only way was Shiba bin Sultan Al Nahyan. But he did not know that his youngest son would not keep his word. Grandfather of Sheikh Zayed in 55 1855.

Abu Dhabi was elected ruler of the year. Earlier, his grandfather and the ruler of Sharjah had been fighting against the British East India Company for decades. The first peace treaty was signed in 1820. However, the East India Company sought to divert UAE resources from the Persian Gulf coast. Until 1892, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai were barred from trading outside the UK. The East India Company was in complete control of the UAE’s foreign relations, trade and foreign policy.

After the death of Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan in 1909, the United Arab Emirates became part of British India and used the Indian Rupee as its currency. The East India Company built all the UAE residences under the name and flag of local ownership. After the death of Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa in 1909, most of his wives were ready to go to the border to rule Abu Dhabi, the son of truth. Assassin Sheikh Zayed was a real child, but his mother and wife prevented him from taking power in dangerous circumstances. The assassination of the Boni Yas tribal ruler was not a big deal. Sheikh Zayed’s uncle ruled between 1909 and 222222. While the West was involved in the First World War, the Ottomans were divided over the dominance of the Ottoman Empire in the distribution of goat meat.

The situation worsened to the point that Sheikh Zahid’s father overthrew the government and took power. The cause of the unrest, however, was the First World War. How can government change the course of history? In 1926, his former conspirator, Sukar bin Zayed, had the opportunity to shoot the Sultan and one of his sons after a meal in a large house. His wounded brother Khalid bin Sultan escaped. Sheikh Zayed and his two younger brothers had already sought refuge in Burma and Asia. When the situation worsened, the Sheikh’s son’s uncle killed his real brother. When the situation was resolved, he invited his cousin to take up various posts in the capital. It was painful for her mother to have her injured son tied to her life and her husband drowned in blood.

But the people and the presidents all wanted the son of the slain Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed to be their ruler. Eventually the name of Shibat ibn Sultan came to power, but Salma’s sister promised her sons that she would never rebel against her brother.


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