How to make national ID card for Facebook verification

Introduction to Wallet Card and Mobile Card Wallet with ID Card Wallet Application.

  • How to make national ID card for Facebook verification

No need to carry a wallet with the card. To download ID Wallet or to create the best ID Wallet for your business card, ID card, visiting card, bank card, Radak. Credit card holders can easily secure your cards. So, download the voter ID card with photo and retrieve the voter ID card, company information or unique ID card.

The cardholder wallet allows you to keep your card and identity safe without having to carry it with you at all times. Whenever you need these cards, open the applet and scan it as needed. You can use a credit or debit card to identify yourself or make a payment. Don’t worry about losing your wallet and card. Keep all your assets at home as much as possible.

Welcome to the revolutionary and secure digital ID card and card wallet ID card for your phone. You do not need to return all your documents such as passport, driver’s license and national identity card as well as bank, store, loyalty and membership cards directly to your store.





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