How To Pashto and English Best keyboard Apk

Type, massage, and write Pashto and English with Pashto keyboard.

Pashto and English Best keyboard Apk

You can now write Pashto and English easily using the English Pashto smart keyboard.
It contains background images and a large button style on the Pashto keyboard.
You can write complete sentences by clicking on the sentence.
Organize and create a Pashto keyboard and start writing Pashto.
The keyboard contains all emojis.

How To Pashto and English Best keyboard Apk

Record interesting sounds from many languages ​​of the world
Smart and elegant wallpaper
Easy to install
English fonts
Skin wallpaper
A unique way to write poems and poems
Writing wonderful English is easy
Long pressure points for a specific foot

This is the best English Pashto keyboard for all Pashto, except for Pashto, message, story, poem, essay, Islamic themes, etc. For those who can write or write.



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