iCallScreen – OS14 Phone X Dialer Call Screen Apk

Users are currently filling the old style new alarm screen so we will present to you i-Call Screen – OS 14 Phone X Dealer Call Screen. With this full screen caller ID you can fill in the form as you use for Phone X or OS 14.

iCallScreen – OS14 Phone X Dialer Call Screen Apk

This caller screen app includes a contact list, recent list, favorites list, and a T9 search keyboard. The slide has a variety of settings for responding to the phone’s screen, such as button up, down, accept and reject, change the color background, change the rings, get users online, and SIM card settings. To change. For the best SIM card of the Screen app of the year, users are unable to add rings, view contacts, add phone reminders, you can answer calls, send messages, exchange calls with conference phones, exchange requests and make conferences. That’s why it puts pressure on you to be an OS 14 and iPhone X user. The app also has the option to announce the caller’s name with the caller’s name or number.

The best feature of iCluscreen. OS 14 Phone X Dealer Call Screen

Arrange wallpaper or custom backgrounds
Adjust and set the default background wallpaper for the phone screen. If you want something else or choose an image from the gallery, you can find stylish wallpapers and backgrounds from the applet layout

Set the tune for OS 14 and iPhone X.
It lets you set OS 14 iPhone 11 ringtone on your device

Year off
This allows you to block unwanted calls or spam. You can add or remove it from the layout manually or you can remove it from the link.

In this application, the dialer app has many features like viewing, searching or managing a contact book, viewing phone history of the year, adding and deleting contacts in the best way. Phone Advanced Keyboard that allows users to search T9 (search by contact name by number) and view contact details.

Personalization settings
There are many settings like changing wallpaper, ringtone, blocker, press button, accepting and rejecting incoming and outgoing calls for screen.

Users get all the benefits of OS 14 and iPhone X such as adding and managing conferences, switching to conference calls.

Click the slide button to answer
Everyone wants to scroll the answer button on the ISS screen so that this application makes you feel like a real answer slide button.

Double proper support
The app supports dual SIM cards. So the user can manage the SIM settings and choose any SIM card or set the default SIM before making a call.

Caller name advertiser
The application is announced when the next bell rings. The app is set to vibrate, mute, number of speeches, delay in ads, language setting, caller pre-advertiser before and after.

Dark mode option to improve battery life.

Light weight
Application sizes range from about 7 to 8 MB. So the user can easily download the application

Radial screen
Callback screens enable you to call, send, block, or record once dissolved.

Conducting conferences
If your device supports it, you can connect two or more phones, conduct conferences, and make simulation calls.

ICLScreen FAQ – OS 14 Phone X Dealer Call Screen

1. Is it free? 🆓
* Yes, it is free to use

Sometimes. Why is that sometimes?
There are several reasons why the service may not be permitted for a long time so you can follow these two steps.
1. Turn off the battery saver or white list from the battery saver menu.

2. Allow the application to “start in the background” from managing or calling application information


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