Interactive Analytics For Facebook Apk Download

The app helps you know who you like, who you don’t like, which photos you like the most, and more.

Key Features:

News feed
Today is a very important day
Send new friends today

Interactive Analytics For Facebook 

Revival interaction
Someone who likes your posts more
Who cares more about your posts?
• Someone you never liked or very little
Who do you love the most?
The ones that have the most to do
You never like it

Media Media
. Favorite photo
. Very popular posts
Your favorite photo
You love movies

Interactive Analytics For Facebook Apk

You are more than just talking to yourself
• No one has spoken to you
• Someone who talks to you but not to friends

✪ Friends are friends
New friends, old friends
Who canceled your friendship?
Someone you don’t like
Everyone disables their account

Who got on?
You block it

Other features include:
Search (person or page) and analyze based on general information
Add or remove likes
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* This app is not accepted with Facebook.


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