Internet Blocker App Apk Download

NetBlocker allows you to stop applications without rooting Internet access.

Please read the instructions below carefully before use.

As you know, there are potential programs and games:
Swap the Internet to display ads or steal your personal information
Public Information Even if you are away from the Internet, stay backed up
So don’t hesitate to apply online for help:
You also reduce the use of your data
Increase your private chat room
Protect the public chat room from the battery

Internet Blocker App Apk Download

* Safe and easy to use
No need for carrot roots
That ad doesn’t have annoying ads
Dangerous, not allowed
Support for Android 5.1 and higher Android

please pay attention:
The program does not use Internet access, so it cannot access the Internet. Therefore, it cannot connect to a remote server to steal your data. Creates a native VPN interface to prevent network traffic without a native program. So feel safe using it!

You can’t use another VPN at the same time because these programs depend on the VPN architecture.

• Some instant messaging apps (instant messaging apps such as Skype) may use Google Play services to receive incoming messages when the app is not networked. So, you can turn off Google Play services to stop receiving messages for instant messaging apps.

Internet Blocker App Apk Download

The battery feature of Android can automatically disable VPN applications in sleep to protect the battery. So, to do this, you need to add the NetBeater program to the white list of pure battery replacement.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me if you wish

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why can’t I click Yes in the dialog box?
Using this program may cause problems that other programs you are facing, such as blue light and filter programs. These programs can hide the VPN conversation without clicking “Ok”. This is an Android concern that Google needs to improve with operating system updates. So, if your device is still not stable, you should close the optical filter program and try again.





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