Internet Blocker New Vision Apk

Pure Blocker allows you to block access to the Internet without root.

Please read the following details carefully before using.

Internet Blocker New Vision Apk

As you know, apps and games can be:
Internet access only to display ads or steal your personal data
Even after signing up, you will still have internet access to background services.
So, for help, consider applications that block Internet access:
Reduce your data usage
Increase your privacy
Protect your battery

Safe and easy to use
No root required
NK has no annoying ads
Dangerous No dangerous permission
Android support Android 5.1

Internet Blocker New Vision

Please note:
. This application does not use Internet permissions, so it does not have access to the Internet. Therefore, it cannot connect to any remote server to steal your data. It simply creates a local VPN interface to block network traffic without any root applications. So, please use safe!

• Because this application depends on VPN configuration, you cannot use another VPN at the same time.

• Some instant messaging applications (instant messaging applications, such as Skype) may use Google Play services to receive incoming messages if the app does not have a network. So you may need to block Google Play services to block incoming messages for instant messaging applications.

The required battery feature for Android Android can automatically separate the VPN application into sleep mode to save battery power. So the Net Blocker app can add battery optimization to your whitelist to keep you going.

Why can’t I click in the dialog box?
This problem may be caused by the use of an application that may cover other applications, such as the Blue Light Filter application. These applications can extend the VPN dialog without having to press the “Ok” button. This is an Android bug that Google needs to fix via OS update. So if your device hasn’t been selected yet, you may need to close and try your Light Filter apps again.






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