iPhone 12 Pro Max Review |filmed on iPhone| iPhone 12 Pro Max

Hi Aaron is here for Jalotic and this is the iPhone 12 Pro Mix I used last week as my main phone and I want to share with you my general thoughts on whether you like it or not.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review

If you have a small iPhone this year or maybe stick to your old phone, now the first thing is that the whole video is completely recorded behind the iPhone 12 Pro Mac camera and I don’t use any external microphone.

The M recording is in 4K60 but not in HDR, so I created an iPhone 12 Pro video in HDR and most people can see how it looks and it’s completely automatic yes, I put it in tripod Set the record after setting.

I use the microphone and everything from the phone, now the first thing is the price of this phone that we get this year for the base price with 4 GB of additional storage space until 1099 you will get 128 GB storage space and then You have the ability. 512 If you don’t like the price around 1400 liters but you get extra storage for the same price then it’s really good to see this year and of course it’s also a design that I really like that they come back. The edges are square but they make this awesome phone and everyone told me they were surprised by the 11 Pro Max that they were even surprised at its size.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review |filmed on iPhone|

The square edges seem to make it easy, but really it’s a big deal I can capture with the iPhone 12 Pro this year. Now this phone has advantages so let’s talk about it for now but the total size is 11 and the large length of the tee is a bit heavy and if you use the case it is more than what I feel and feel. It is also easy to maintain due to the stained corners. Very reasonable then of course you have WW Pacific blue and it has graphite and you have gold and white with it so I think it’s a great size for a phone that we went back to the iPhone 4 design and that’s what I wanted it years later, so they were happy. Now the other thing is that the cameras in this phone are excellent.

The main camera has an aperture of 1.6 which really gives you a little depth and I think for most photos, you don’t even need a portrait format. For example, this is a photo I took of a flower and it looks really good to see it with the natural background disappearing or disappearing, then it’s a photo in portrait mode and I took it in portrait mode I don’t think That you like and get closer to the camera. In this respect, I think you have a lot of background light that makes it look natural and professional so I think this is one of the best b feature of this camera which means that the sensor itself is like a swimmer.

It passes and we see it in the camera in the big picture that I usually use from Sony G5 and A7S3 and it is fixed in the sensor switch or IBS and how this sensor will pass and when you move around, it hits the center Test it and give fixed shots Now you are on the trail in my test, looks great.

But I now have an iPhone 12 Pro. I don’t see much improvement because it may have larger sensors and lenses so it’s best to install the sensor more than the mount of the lens, but somewhat it seems stable if I don’t know if 12 professionals have so many benefits, e.g. As they are basically the same thing and of course you have night condition so it is important to use the processor, but your phone basically has skin to skin or laser auto focus which helps you to focus better at night depth and it Not great for things like warehouses.

Sensor but really this year you have a normal wide and phone photo camera so you get extra zoom with big camera in addition to 2.5 optical zoom and then sensor zoom which I like 12x and digital zoom so much more than 12 Pro. Looks good you get a little extra


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