Kiwi Browser – Fast & Quiet Apk

Kiwi is designed for web surfing, reading news, watching videos and listening to music.

Search safely.

Kiwi relies on Chromium and WebKit, the engine that runs the world’s most popular browser so you can’t get out of your ha

Kiwi Browser – Fast & Quiet Apk

e hope you enjoy the keys as much as we do.

Note for user support and support: We have a discount (chat) community where you can discuss developments and share ideas:

Key Features:
Chromium is based on the best chromium

Page unacceptable page download speed
Thanks to a very efficient engine, we can display web pages at a very fast speed.

Powerful ad blockers often remove spam
(You can use it in settings, ads, or any extension you like)

Really powerful popup blocker that works

Install Android first to prevent hackers from using Mine Cryptocurrency on your device

Open Facebook Messenger
Go to and talk to your friends without installing the FB app.

Kiwi Browser – Fast & Quiet Apk

Even better:
Night mode b with traditional thematic contrast and gray size.
100 contrast = AMOLED Pure black (actually pixel off) – Recommended!
101% contrast = AMOLED text black + authentic

Short title bar

Manage the sites that appear on the home page
Hold down the boxes to move or delete and click [+] to add a new website.

Disable AMP (Settings and Privacy)

oy Block harassment notifications

Block lazy and aggressive software to protect your privacy.

Translate into 60 languages.

★ Export of notes / bookmarks.

Custom download folder
Select where your downloaded files are stored.
Note: In some versions of Android, when you uninstall an applet, Android also removes your download.
Consider whether you apply Kiwi (target file backups) or transfer to another device.

Supports at most multiple lines


Advanced users:
If you want to open links using an external application, you can long-press the link or change the default settings in the settings.

To add a new search engine, go to your preferred search engine, do two searches, then go to Settings, Search Engine.


The Kiwi browser is very new, and is still being tested. If you see an error or mistake or just want to say hello, please help us send a short email



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