Last Day on Earth: Survival for mobile -Apk Download

The last day of survival shooting happened around the world: In 2027, the world saw the spread of an unknown infection that destroyed almost an entire generation. Here, all the dead do not stop to start the zombies and a large number of people who resist their blood try to live in the destroyed world.

Last Day on Earth: Survival for mobile -Apk Download

Now your character is only in your hands! Pay attention to your character’s life situation like hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources for Alice’s production, make weapons and use different tools or whatever you have at hand: bats or road signs road everything will kill a few thousand people … Zombies!

Invaders not only steal from your land by force, but also build forts with light saplings or invade surviving areas for more funds and agencies. Then everyone can do everything to survive.

Last Day on Earth: Survival for mobile -Apk Download

Supply enthusiasts do a lot of work in extreme weather conditions. Equip Nagek with the most brutal weapon to hunt wild animals and kill annoying zombies before embarking on an unexpected journey.

In the case of transportation for the Alice industry, seasonal space is accessible. Also, if you go west on the wall map, you will go to a website where you can interact with other players in a particular game.

Last Day on Earth: Survival for mobile -Apk Download

Discover the great world and the last days of the world! Develop your hero, prepare your home, plunder vacant lands, look for wildlife and other living things – the new world has new rules.





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