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Do you want to learn English in English – do you want to learn English later? And you also decided to improve your backup skills. Then we know what you have decided. This is the best app for learning Pashto. Learn English. Learn to speak English. Learn to speak English for Pashto sentences. Learn to speak English. Learn to speak English. Urdu English Pashto. Translate English words into English

Learn English Speaking in Pashto

English is an international language and is spoken all over the world, English is called English. People in many countries and another language in South Asia speak English as the second language in the world. This app has been created keeping in mind our local tastes. You’re right, we created this app to help you learn English in English. Install this application now and start learning Pashto English.

Use this application effectively, you can easily learn English in Pashto language by using this free. Understandably, you will learn English in English by talking about punctuation and grammar.

We have been using practical methods since the day you installed this app and we guarantee that if you use this app one hour a day, you will be able to speak English easily. I can master you don’t have to go to any English learning center. Learn to speak English in English with this free application. Learn to speak English.

Learn your local language in English through this application, you can instantly improve your English with our high quality resources. All our entries are free to help you learn English in Pashto.

Learn English in English You can use audio for English sentences.

Let’s Learn English An English Learning Application for Learning English All content is designed as a certified English teacher and this course is for beginners as well as English language users.

Can speak English and English language. After-school students use free English language courses to learn English, grammar and punctuation.


Interactive lessons: 100 free interactive lessons including English speaking, grammar topics, points and much more. Education is also offline. Communication process. Learn new things, and listen to pronunciation.

Learn to speak English and improve your English skills in a short time with this offline application. Offline application does not require internet connection.

Instantly install the Pashto app in free English to interview, test or wow your friends of your choice. Improve English speaking, writing, reading, comprehension and listening skills. Speak English with confidence! ”
Learn to speak English. Pashto to English – Learning English from Pashto. Learn to speak English.

Learn the rest Learn the Internet Learn the whole English Learn the whole English language course without the Internet. Learn English with animals.


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