Ludo 2020 : Game of Kings

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Ludo 2020 is a classic Ludo game played between friends, family and children. In ludo games, two to four players compete for their 4 tokens from start to finish.

Ludo 2020 : Game of Kings


1. 8 beautiful designs for ludo board.
.. Multiplayer on the same device (2,3,4 player)
.. running things
4. Playing games against the computer.
.. Package size is only 3 MB, light weight and fast.

Ludo game gives you a gaming experience.

** Cream **

Cream or Cream is an Indian original bullet game. This is the Android app version. Here we can play and play against other players through the computer. Place all your carom pieces in front of your opponent to win the game.

The game is very popular in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

** Sango and ladder game **

Snake and Ladder is an old Indian board game that is now known as a world classic. This game is played between two or more players on the board. Many “stairs” and “snakes” are painted on the board, and two separate chairs are attached to each board. The purpose of the game is to navigate the pieces of the game through the price character, ending with the beginning (bottom square), top (chair), stairs and snakes, respectively.

** 2048 Games **

2048 Single Player Slide Block Puzzle Game The aim of the game is to divide the threshold of the attached tiles into thresholds to create tiles with the number 2048. Anyone can continue the 2048 game after reaching the goal by making more than 2048 tiles.

** ** Hummingbird ****

A beautiful arcade game. Removes obstacles.

**** Tickets ****

Tic Tac Toe is a classic puzzle game in which notes and parody or sometimes X and O. Tic Tac Toe is a great way to spend your free time if you are standing in line or spending time with your children. ۔ Due to the simplicity of the technique, it is often used as a tool to teach good game content and artificial intelligence.

* 15 – Puzzle Games *

15-Puzzle is a sliding puzzle in which squares are framed on sequential numbers, which is a tile work. The goal is to arrange the tiles using slide movements using space. Also known as Game Puzzles, Boss Puzzles, Fifteen Games, Mystic Square.

* Colorful flood game *

Color Flood Super is a simple, challenging and easy puzzle game in which you need to fill the coloring board of the game in less colors than the fully verified game of the game.

You start at the top corner of the board. of the
Flood all the rooms with this color at the bottom of the board. Enter the center
Retreat The goal of the game is to fill the entire board into a smaller board
Excessive movement.

– Board size and number of colors
– High floor
– Free software

* * Ludo 2020: Ludo Water Chicken: Ludo Trademark: Official Logo: Offline Ludo **

Ludo games and their types are popular in many countries and under different names.

Men’s Eleven Jet (Netherlands),
Leather or press (Spain),
Le Giuseppe Grandpa or Pattis Sivakas (France)
Non-terrorist (Italy),
Burgess (F) / Burgess (Syria),
Shah (Persia / Iran)
‘Nagawa’ (‘Vietnam’)
Fei Zhenqiu (China)
Fia Med Nef (Sweden)

Percos (Colombia)
Bourgeoisie (Palestine)
Grenadiers (Greece)


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