MagicCall – Voice Changer App Apk Download


Magic Voice – A unique experience with the Voice Changer app

Change your voice and talk to friends in real time.

Learn the year of therapy
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MagicCall – Voice Changer App Apk Download

Magic Calling Features – Switching on the Beach

1. Enjoy real-time smells in adulthood. Use the female voice changer, baby voice changer, cartoon voice changer and more.
the the … during. during … the t words between. between. Let’s go …
3. When you sign up, you get free credit
4. Your voice was heard before the call
5. The best way to ring the guard
Voice – Make audio effects with kisses, hugs and the like

Official collaboration with Big Move for a new movie! Lack of sleep
The new voice is now available in the app
– Sleeping Girl (Changing the sound of a long drink)

The next level of protection by listening to the article background. When talking to friends over the phone, use background noise, Christmas background, traffic noise, and promotional backgrounds.

Say different points
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MagicCall – Voice Changer App Apk Download

The Magic Call brand has many characters such as the female voice changer, the cartoon voice changer and the male voice changer. With this app you can:

1. Sum the words in the summary
Change the sound to human
A) Talk about movement
Normal Selection Normal sound for simple calling

How to connect a magic ring
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For example choose a word – man, woman, moving and so on.
Best background patterns – Merry Christmas, traffic, rain background, elevation.
Select a contact or call the number
Start your magic year
• When the color is plugged in, the sound switch converts the sound to a fixed point. Then you will hear your friend’s forgotten answers and reactions.

Learn magic and win
– Create unique links and share them with your friends
– Every time your friends download the app, you will get a scratch card
– Win interesting cash prizes with recharge cards
– You can magically change or purchase

Expected Category:
– Halloween game

Enjoy peer-to-peer conversations with a magic soundtrack on the phone. Give yourself a chance to postpone again.



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