Manual Camera Lite : Professional Camera DSLR Apk

DSLR Light Handheld Camera This version has the same features as the Pro version but we limit the resolution to 8MP for video, 1080p video, and maximum recording time up to 5 minutes.

Manual Camera Lite : Professional Camera DSLR Apk

It can still convert your phone to other features such as ISO, shutter speed, description, manual focus and professional camera with full control of the mobile camera. It could take him to another level. Take great shots of your photos and record your videos loudly.

Manual Camera Lite : Professional Camera DSLR Apk

The DSLR HD Camera features the main features of a professional camera:

General Chat Chat Lounge Detail control
Control the white balance
ISO Guide *
Focus Guide *
Speed ​​control
* Save Glass Mirror *
Real-time filter / color filter effect
Supported recording of 4K cameras (supported devices)
Time jump
Slow movies *
Adjust the film frame rate and battery
Distance / shot shot
Automatic Geography
Amps and photo stamps

* You need Android 5.0+ with API Camera 2 to get the phone

Manual Camera Lite : Professional Camera DSLR Apk

It’s a high-speed camera that gives you high-speed camera performance, and at times you can take lots of continuous photos that are great for stopping or shooting.

Create photos with various effects and other features for the Pro HD Camera Pro, such as portable screens, handy brochures, white and white balance, HD Pro Grid camera view, gold in precise proportions.

DSLR HD HD Professional Features:

* Camera conditions explode late to prevent movement or video over time
* Facial recognition / facial recognition
* Select the front HD front camera, just save the raw image

All features, such as a small dslr photographer and a clean interface,
Download this professional HD camera and start recording 4K video



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