Meitu – Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor apk

One of the best free photo editing software in the world!
The best way to make your photos more beautiful
Beauty software with a professional camera is also not special

Approved by an influential and well-influenced, the Cosmetic Camera app is ideal for organizing continuous photos. Make yourself and your friends more beautiful, add text, use filters, bright backgrounds and much more!

Meitu – Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor apk

No more tireless pictures! Keep it alive with 10+ original and unique effects!

A special work of art
Package packaging technology that automatically turns your photos into fun stuff!

Nuclear tolerance
Choose your desired makeup layer
Flawless skin tones, bright eyes, tight noses, white teeth and much more are all in one!

Meitu – Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor apk

Image editing
Make your photos interesting and convincing!

Effects: Add filters to your photos and create a different mood
Music: Hide everything you want
Magic Brush: Fill your photos with different brush options
Additional Tasks: Organize your photos by adding frames, text and tags
Collage: Combine a few images into a collage using the Images, Text and Template options.

BET body structure
Adjust your body so that you want to use the program in the program

Meitu – Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor apk

Skin: Soft, strong and strong, adjust your complexion and body to your liking!
Sprouts: Eliminate germs, wounds, unwanted wounds and other lesions.
Eyes: Lighten and widen your eyes and completely eliminate dark circles
Body size: Do you want to be curved, thin, muscular, short or long? Whatever your beauty, do everything with mats!

Artificial intelligence
With the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, the automated method can detect your face and capture beautiful self-movement labels or hand effects on your face while taking selfies.






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