Multi SMS Sender (MSS) Apk

Multi-SMS sender (MSS) is used to send a message to a single user. So you can send message to unlimited number of users through your message plan.

Multi SMS Sender (MSS) Apk

This application maintains the date of sending the message according to its status (continued or failed) Contacts can save contacts as their choice.

The key points are as follows:

Send book phone group messages without saving a book number.
Organize groups.
Manage signatures.
Show multiple contact numbers.
Import system group.
Manage contact selection.
Find connections between groups.
Private message.
Double correct support.
Backup and restore.
Show the message that was sent.
Send 160 messages longer than 160 characters.
To resend an unsent message, record this non-sent message.
To copy a message from a log, long press on this message.
Others take lessons from others.





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