NetGuard – no-root firewall apk download

NetGuard offers simple and innovative ways to block access to the Internet.

Applications and addresses may be allowed individually or denied access to Wi-Fi and / or mobile phone communications.

NetGuard  apk download

Disabling Internet access can help.

Use your own data sparingly
Battery Save the battery
Increase your privacy


Easy to use
No root required
Open 100 open open source
Do not contact the house
cking No tracking or analysis
نشته No ads
development Support for development and active participation
Android 5.1 and above is supported
IP Support IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP
Closing support
Optionally allow while the screen is running
Optional interruption while roaming
Optionally block system apps
Optional notification when the application has access to the Internet
Optional recording of network usage for each application for each address
Material design with dark material and dark material

NetGuard – no-root firewall apk

Prob Features:

All external traffic log access and filter access efforts. Export PCAP files for traffic analysis
Allow / block individual address for each app
Request Request Notice. Create a net protector with direct notification
Display network speed graph in bar status bar notification
Choose from five additional titles in both light and dark versions

No firewall other than root offers all of these b-offers.

If you have any questions or concerns, we can email you
If you want to help people who are less proficient in English, you can help translate NetGuard into your own language.

If you want to test new features, you can take part in the testing program.




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