NetSpeed Indicator: Internet Speed Meter Apk

A clear, easy way to track network connection speeds on Android devices. The NetSpeed ​​indicator shows the current speed of the Internet in the status bar. Displays a clear and movable ad in the notification field indicating download / live download speeds and / or daily data / Wi-Fi usage.

Featured Guide:
Real time internet speed in status mode
Follow daily alerts and Wi-Fi usage with caution
Hide if you are not connected to a network
Unannounced alerts allow you to focus on important issues
Highly customizable
Battery and memory performance
No ads, no swelling

Internet Speed Meter Apk

Feature Description:
Adds an indicator to the status panel showing mobile data or Wi-Fi speed. The indicator shows the current speed at which other applications are using your Internet. The indicator is updated in real time to display at any time in the current time.

Daily data usage
Track your 4G / 3G / 2G data every day or use Wi-Fi directly from the notification bar. If enabled, the notification shows daily mobile data and Wi-Fi usage. You do not need a separate application to track daily data usage.

It provides an easy way to use the network during the day and provides track speed without opening an individual application. Moreover, the alert area shows a carefully crafted alert that takes up very little space and attention so that it doesn’t usually go your way.

NetSpeed Indicator: Apk

Very common
You can adjust whatever you want. Easily show and hide hints if needed. Show that the cursor appears in the status bar, appears on the lock screen, using bytes per second (e.g., kbps) and bits per second to display speed (e.g., using keys).

Battery and memory performance
The signal was created keeping in mind that we do not have limited battery backup and our experience shows that it uses less memory than other applications of a typical Internet tachometer.

No ads, no swelling
No ads can stop you. Focusing on unnecessary features will help you focus on what’s important to you. To ensure your privacy, do not post online.





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