NWriteAr HTML editor helps you to write cod App

anWriter is a free text editor for web applications (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

NR Editor HTML Editor HTML helps you write code:
Provides automatic support for: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Latex (in PHP and MySQL Pro versions).

HTML editor helps you to write cod App

Advanced technology support:
Provides support for HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap and Angle Suicide

FTP support:
You can download the file from the FTP server, send the file to the FTP server, and request a directory on the FTP server.

Web app preview allows you
Allows you to quickly preview your website in the interior. You don’t need to open your browser. The connected viewer has a JS error controller.

Not only does it support web technology:
In addition to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, our editor supports C / C ++, Java, SQL, Python, and Latex combinations. Provides standard C and Python performance and automatic word completion.

HTML editor helps you to write cod App

It’s short:
Installation files are less than 2MB.

Warning! The current version of the editor only supports texts such as English (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, etc.).

Notepad is just as popular today as most popular Android text editors.
You can use our Notepad Manager as a simple notebook, providing powerful IDE b. Like most powerful IDEs, B has a much faster coding speed than a regular Notepad. N-Writer is usually clearer than IDE, but more powerful than most Notepad editors.

HTML editor helps you to write cod App

Complete list of features b:

Syntactic reinforcement for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, PHP, SQL, Latex, C / C ++, Java, Python languages
Visitors visit internal web pages.
– Automatic HTML tags and features with categorized names and ID cards
– JavaScript automation, changes and task automation
– Select CSS, rules and features b automatically
– Bootstrap and AngularJS class and B features
– Automatically completes jQuery tasks and settings
– Automatic completion of standard library functions in C / C ++ and Python languages
– Latex automation.
– Loading files from FTP server
– Upload files to FTP server
– Search for FTP server
– Next toolbar with more characters and cursor control.
– Using regular feedback, find and place feedback
– Unlimited names
– Support for different code pages
– Line number
– Copy and paste
– Several files are opened simultaneously
– JavaScript errors in the internal philosophy of consoles
– Hardware keyboard support
– Pen size settings

There are some other limitations to HTML: Don’t support encrypted tags with type = “file”. If you want to test this type of HTML file, open it in a browser.





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