Online Ludo Game & King of Ludo

Ludo All Star is a ludo game for 2 to 4 players and an offline ludo game that will bring back your childhood memories. Ludo All Star – Best Games An online and offline ludo game is played between friends, family and kids.

Online Ludo Game & King of Ludo Apk

A simpler version of Ludo Crop and another Indian version of the ring, known as Chopat, Chopar, Pachasi or Parchasi, is a classic strategy board and dice game for 2 or 4 players. The player rolls the token and runs his 4 tokens to finish according to the roll.

In addition to the usual games, all new ludo games online, ludo all star ludo has appeared with an interesting touch that will force you to play Ludu King.

The game also has ride mode, which makes Ladu Tara even more interesting.
Unlike your three friends, get ready to fight with Ludo Online, limited to the most classic backgammon games.

Classic online ludo games in different regions such as Eucharist, Greeniaris, Fia, Singiga, Ki Nevet A Vogan, Barsi (Burgess / Burgess), Greeniaris (Greece) and Men-Erzer-J Net with different names and types. Classes (Netherlands), Park or Park (Spain), Le Gio de Dada, Burgess (s) / Burgess (Syria), Pach (Persia / Iran), Da ‘Nagya (Vietnam’), Ludo Czech Village (Hindi) Internet related), ự Engia (Vietnam), Phi Jing Ki ‘(China), Perchisi (North America), Perchisi (Spain), Mancha Arjar Dutch Near (Germany), Nan T’Rabier (Italy), Chichak (Poland), Director Amber Malima (Estonia), Fia Spill or Fia Med Novef (Sweden).

Usually confused with other classic strategy board games such as Pokemon, Shopping, Trouble, Sorry, and Airplane Chess, Ludo games are easy to understand and play. So, go on board and start your ludo game adventure with ludo all star now and become ludo star!

All of Ed Lud’s stars are special
General and Arabic subjects
Players play online ludo games in 2 and 4 player modes.
Apply offline, red mode, classic mode and much more.
Clean up your greasy roll and control your luck.
First roll after A6 and then select the items to apply to the menu.
Chat and make new friends.
Get coins by winning online ludo games. The more you win, the more you win.
Saying daily spin for daily rewards.

Rules of Lodo Games – King of Lodo
Players play the role of Ludo’s fun rate game. The player must make 6 cars before any colored piece can go to Lock Street Square from the start. Each time a piece is moved from one to six squares as indicated by the position of the dice roll.

Once the 6 numbers are collected, players can actually deliver items online to the online game stars or enter another progress code into their starting box. Player 6 plays an extra role or “bonus” role in overtime. If the bonus value returns to 6, the player wins extra bets on playing his or her games.

When a piece is moved on the board led by Lido King, the main shaft moves forward. The piece can only be carried in the pocket of the house with the right roll. The first player to move all 4 pieces to win at home pocket

Get ready for crazy ludo The all-star logo adventure will go ahead
Ludo Multiplayer Online is a great Ludo game that is one of our best logo and Ludo star games on your desktop and multiplayer Ludo. Lodo Games Offline Lodo is a kind of offline mode. You don’t have to watch Ludu games with your friends.

Download All Stars Now! Master the downloadable game and become a Ludo Star – Lido Games!


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