Online Ludo Game & King of Ludo

2 to 4 player ludo is an all star online game and offline ludo game that will restore your childhood memories. Ludo All Star – Top Games is an online and offline ludo game, played between friends, family and kids.

Online Ludo Game & King of Ludo

Ludo is a simpler version of another Indian cross-circuit game known as Chopot, Chopar, Pacey or Percy, a classic strategy game played by 2 or 4 players and a slave game. Players roll the dice according to the dice roll and start their 4 token race

In addition to all the new online ludo games, including general gameplay, all star ludo games have taken an interesting turn that will make you a ludo king game.

The game also has a ride mode, which makes the Lado star even more exciting
Get ready for a tough fight with Law Fight Eye with your three friends, including online games, a very classic board game.

Ludo Classic online games have different names and differences in different areas such as Eucharist, Greeniaris, Fia, Kaina, Ki Nevet a Vegan, Borsi (Burgess / Burgess), Greeniaris (Greece), Men’s-Age-G-Knight. . , Zhao Angia (Vietnam), Fei Jingki (China), Percy (North America), Parchis (Spain), Manish Arigar Ditch Nitish (Germany), Nan Terbabia (Italy), Chesapeake (Poland), Reese Amber Melma (East) , FIA Mantra, or FIA Made Naf (Sweden)

Commonly combined with other classic tactical board games such as Malapsi, Percy, Thought, Do Ness B and Aircraft Chess, Ludo games are easy to understand and play. So, join the board and start your Ludo Games Adventure venture with Ludo All Star now, and become a Ludu Star!

ud Game All Star Highlights:
These are regular and Arabic themes
Play Ludo games in 2 player and 4 player formats
Play offline mode, impression mode, classic mode etc.
Take your slave roll forward and become your lucky master
Scroll the first 6, then select the icon to apply to the menus
Chat and make new friends
Online game Ludo Game Win Money The more you win, the more you win
Spin the wheel for the Daily Nick Award

Rules of the game – Ludo King
Players turn a fun dash game into ludo The player must score 6 points before the colored piece can be transferred from the start to the starting section of the court. Then, in each subsequent stage, the player moves from one piece to six sections, as indicated by the roll.

When the number 6 is tossed, the player can choose to present a token that already exists in the online ludo star game or enter another progress code into its startbox. Throwing 6 gives the player an extra role or “bonus” at this point. If the bonus returns to list 6, the player will win the additional lido game roll.



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