Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face Apk

Close and run multiple accounts from the same program at the same time, and use themes to design your own unique space style.

Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face 

As one of the best tools available on Android, Parallel Space helps over 90 million users log in to multiple accounts and view their style at the same time. It also protects the privacy of users by creating programs that can be viewed on the device using a game similar to Loto.

In addition, users can configure the features of cloned programs and local parallel themes to design the desired space style. Parallel space supports 24 languages ​​and is compatible with most Android applications. Get instant parallel accounts to manage Gmail accounts, protect your privacy, and manage your site.

To do this, log in to multiple social media accounts or game apps on one device at a time
Balancing the lives of users and making things easier.
Maximize and enjoy online gaming experience for users.
Almost all applications are supported in parallel with the second account. The numbers do not extend to both accounts.

Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two face Apk

Protect privacy and make the program visible by installing anonymous device
Keep apps hidden from users only without worrying about foreign eyes.
Protect user privacy with security lock.

Create a custom space using themes
Along with the store, the theme has been integrated and a custom feature list has been developed so that users can make progress in designing your personal space.

Details can be found in “Storage” and “Task Manager”, which can be found in parallel in “Settings”.



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