Pashto Songs – Pashto Drama, Dance, Naat, Videos Apk

Also the best Pashto songs app for watching Pakistani dramas and Pashto dramas, Pashto songs, the largest group of Arabic Pashto dance and all Pashto videos.

Pashto Songs – Pashto Drama, Dance, Naat, Videos

More than 30,000 new Pashto collections and songs have been added to this video collection. Watch, listen, share and enjoy all kinds of Pashto videos, Pashto dramas, songs and DJs with Pashto tap songs.

What’s in it! Now it’s time to watch and enjoy some videos. Installing the application

Start your day with Pashto songs, when you have time, watch animal dramas, Arabic dances, and local Pashto videos.

Pashto Songs – Pashto Drama, Dance, Naat

What’s in it! Now is the time to watch and enjoy some videos of Pashto songs. .. Install the application

This application includes songs and videos from the following categories, and we regularly add new categories,

.. Album / movie songs, pashto songs, pashto movie songs etc.
.. Theater Program – Drama Achievements on Afghan Pashto Songs, Pakistani Pashto Songs and More
Pashto. There are all kinds of Pashto Naat videos
.. Funny Videos – Funny post videos to make you laugh
.. Pashto Dance – Pashto dance with Afghan Pashto songs, including Arabic dance videos
Draw. Drama – All old and new Pakistani dramas and Pakistani dramas are available in the app.
7. Hot – Pashto Tapi with high quality songs and videos
8. Qawwali / Faithful Songs – For a beautiful interior
9. Short Film – Watch and enjoy
the 10.- The old songs of the 1980s and 1990s, the sad songs of the sad Pashtuns.

What’s in it! Some time now to watch and enjoy Pashto songs and Pashto dramas .. Install the app now


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