photo and videos recovery apk pro download

Restore all photos, files and contacts The best backup app to restore photos, videos, contacts and documents. This app also includes the removal of copy b. Helps find photos, videos, audios and documents. It also scans the internal and external memory of the phone. This is called “my return”, so you can easily find and delete saved data. An app backup feature has also been added to back up data from your apps. The app is freely available in the Play Store and it is easy to understand the installation and configuration process.

photo and videos recovery apk pro 

The application recovers all deleted photos, files and contacts
# Best backup app
# You will be able to recover all deleted photos
# Android data can be recovered
# Return all requests
# Automatic backup feature is available in Contacts
# Delete photos, videos, audio and documents
# Backup data available on date
# Save your contacts to your favorites list
# Provide resource information (storage information)

How to use the app to recover all deleted photos, files and contacts
Well, the app can be used very easily to get it. First, download this app from the Play Store.

best photo  recovery apk pro download


=> You can see that there are two tools in the list. Next: 1. Backup and restore and 2. Copy a copy. Other options include device information, multiple apps, ad removal, and app sharing.

=> Backup and Restore with the h feature has three subsections h: Photo Recovery, Backup of Applications and Contacts. In the option to restore photos, you can see all the images reported here. If you want to restore all the images, you can delete the image, there is an option to select fully. To restore an image, select the image and click “Backup”. You can find the photos in the “Back” tab. Unfortunately, this option works if you want to delete and restore your photos.

=> Within the APK backup section, you can see all the apps installed there. Select one or more APK files and press the backup button. You can view this APK in the log section, delete data and share APK file from there.

 recovery apk pro download

=> The third option is the link. In this option, you can backup the contact list manually or there is a backup button at the bottom for automatic backup. You can view my data in the backup and restore section. There is a list of contacts and keyboard and the option to add new contacts. So, you can use this app to call someone.

=> Duplicate Section 2 removal helps you discover duplicate data in your phone storage and external storage. This includes similar documents such as photos, videos, and audio and audio removal tools. First it scans your device to detect your fake data and the scan time depends on the total number of files available in your repository. After scanning, duplicate information appears, you can arbitrarily delete it. If fake information is not found on your phone, the message “No images found” will appear.

=> The third option is to recover all deleted photos, files and links. Device information: This displays the use of random access memory (ROM) and read only memory. In each case, they took it, despite the obstacles we hardly imagined. ”There is an update button in the upper left corner to update this information.

=> The fourth option is more apps that include the best Android apps to download. Here you can see the latest new apps as well as popular images like photo editor apps and games. This will take you to the Play Store.





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