PhotoHeader and GalleryVault cover photos and videos Apk

PhotoHeader and GalleryVault cover photos and videos to protect your privacy

Use the best photo calculator box to hide photos, hide photos, and hide videos.

Vault Image Calculator Vault looks like a good calculator installed on your phone and knows that pictures, videos and other documents can be hidden. Your files are stored in secret and only the digital PIN will be visible after entering the application’s calculator panel.

PhotoHeader and:  cover photos and videos Apk

Main features:

Alt Vault: Encrypt content that you do not want to use with the AES encryption algorithm and support file format, take pictures and capture video at the same time without resizing.

Secret Browser: A private browser and an installed photo box are provided for browsing your personal websites and downloading images from the Internet without leaving a mark on your system.

Turn off the jerk: Turning off the phone will close the app quickly, so you have to control everything

Intruder Selfie: If someone tries to enter your privacy by entering an incorrect password, the attacker automatically attempts to take selfie.

PhotoHeader and GalleryVault cover photos and videos Apk

☆ Calculator: Simple, elegant and easy to use, it provides all the functions of a regular and scientific calculator.

—————————— Question —————— – ———–
How do I open it?
Enter your password and press “=” to open it.

What do I do if I forget my password?
If you’ve forgotten your password, type “11223344” into the calculator and press “=”, then enter the answer to the security question and retrieve the password.

How to recover a secret file?
The encrypted file goes into edit mode with long press and you can recover it using the Recovery button in the Actions panel.

Are my confidential documents stored online?
Your files are only stored on your device, so be sure to backup all your confidential files before going to your new device or factory settings.

  Did you change your password?
To change the unlock password, go to “Settings> Safe> Lock type” in the application.



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