PixelLab – New Vision Text On Pictures Apk

Adding stylish text, 3D text, shapes, stickers and uploading images has never been easier. A simple and clean interface allows you to focus on what you can do, the memory, fonts, labels and backgrounds you can organize, and of course more than 60 symbols of your concept. Create large collections of beautiful graphics and surprise your friends with your phone or tablet.

PixelLab – New Vision Text On Pictures Apk

Text: Add and organize as many text items as you want;
3D Text: Create 3D text and install it on your pictures or stand on a cool poster;
Text effects: shadows, interior shadows, fatigue, background, pattern, pattern, mask, 3D text …
Text color: Choose the text you want, whether it’s a simple color, a linear gradient, a radial gradient, or a combination of images.

Text font: 100+, manually select from the selected font. Or use your own font!
Labels: Add and edit labels, emojis, and shapes of your choice.
Import photos: Add your photos from the gallery. It can be effective if you have a personal label or if you want to combine two images.

PixelLab – New Vision Text On Pictures

Drawing: choose the size and color of the pencil and fix everything. After that, the drawing works in any size, and you can resize, delete and shade the site …
Background change: including the ability to create: color, gradient or image.
Save as project: You can save as a project. Still to be used

Close the program!
Background Deletion: The green screen, blue screen, or white background behind the photos you find in these Google Photos. Pixel Lab can make it transparent for you.
Edit the image view: You can now change the image. Save the contents of the screen, change the text of the road sign





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